I ve the following question about an upgrade situation:

We are running a bordermanager slave (3.8) and it is running on netware 6
SP5. The last year we updated all of the servers to Netware 6.5 Sp5. But
this server is in someway unique in his setup in that way that we have
skipped it until now.

Before we want to start the update proces we want to know some things for

The Bordermanager slave situation


(Partition Root)-----(Partition Site1) - Contains the CA server + the
Server with all the Master replica’s
---(Partition Site 2) - Servers where already on 6.5 from the
---(Partition Site 3) - Location BorderManager Slave server

The Bordermanager slave server contains a Read-write of Partition Site 3
and the Partition Root.

The question is now when the slave will be updated to Netware 6.5 Sp5
their will be a restart after the file copy action, after the restart
their will be a eDirectory update where the admin account needs to logon.

Is it needed that the bordermanager needs to be up to update eDirectory in
this proces? Is it needed for the upgrade proces to 6.5 needed to have
contact with the Master or the CA? Is it needed that the server contains a
Read/write of Partition Site 1 where the master or CA resides?

We want to know this things for sure otherwise we need to create a bypass
for the Slave server on the moment of upgrading.