I am in the testing phase right now to migrate OES2 SP2 or SP3 to OES11. I
keep reading the docs and I have setup the test environment with 2 oes2 sp2
servers with afp, nss, iprint, netstorage, and ncs. I installed a new oes11
server in the tree as a premigration. I installed the same services on the
oes11 server obviously unconfigured for the id transfer.

I did get the updated miggui from Novell due to the hang of miggui. I run
the miggui and whether I choose consolidate or transfer id I only see the
services file and print to migrate. Is this normal? How do the other
services get configured than since they don't appear. Does it happen
automatically in the id transfer process?

I keep reading the docs looking for a hint. Maybe I am just missing
something here.

Thanks for any help.