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On 3/30/2012 11:06 AM, stesjo wrote:
> Have a customer running ZAM.
> Have made some test to deploy to Win7 and XP, works fine.
> Using a deployment-task in ZCC.
> Yesterday we deployed to a larger group of PCs.
> Most of them worked fine. 4-5 of the 70 pc needed a restart, the others
> just installed fine, and registered.
> But...
> Two of them, worked fine yesterday after deployment, but when
> rebooting, one yesterday, and one today, they wont start.
> Both Win 7 -machines.
> When booting it says: �Launch startup repair� or �Start windows
> normally�. Chosing repair, it tries to repair and come back to same
> meny, chosing Start Normally it tries to start, but gets a black screen
> with a white marker in upper left corner, and stays so untill you power
> off...
> Customer tried to run HP Recovery Disk to reinstall machine, but it
> wont work either...
> So... Did the agent write something to some startsector?
> Machines are HP Compaq 8200 Elite SFF, and HP Z210 Workstation. Both of
> them came in fine in ZCC.
> Anyone that have any ideas?
> /Stefan

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