I'm going through hell trying to get a relatively simple VPN client to
work through Linksys routers.

The problem seems to be with port 2010, which I assume is where the
encrypted IP packets are sent through.

Our VPN Clients are on fresh Windows XP SP2 installs. We're using Novell
VPN Client 3.6E. They work perfectly fine for connecting and running
Citrix Metaframe when we're hooked into a freeBSD firewall, or an older
D-Link Router.

As soon as we try to go through a Linksys product, we have problems. We
are able to establish the VPN connection, but we can't then connect with
Citrix. Looking at the Novell Client stats shows that we keep sending
encrypted IP packets, but we are not receiving any.

Somehow, it seems our encrypted packets are being dropped at the Linksys.

It doesn't matter if the firewall is on or off, if we're in the DMZ, or
if we have the VPN passthrough on or off. It's all the same. I'm keeping
things simple, and just connecting via wired connections.

I have tried 4 different models of Linksys Router (because they have the
wireless strength that we need for this application). I've even flashed
the DD-WRT firmware on a few of them to see if it was just a firmware

It's the end of a very long day for me, and I'm hoping someone can point
me in a direction of help. I can't believe that every Linksys product is
incompatible with Novell BM Client, or are they?

I don't have access to the BM server, I have to do this all from the
client side, and there's no help from head office, because "it's working
for everyone else" (on wired d-link connections).

Thanks in advance for any help.