I have an odd situation when using SSH connections for secure FTP file
access on my NW6.5 servers.

I've got two main data servers. Both are identical in setup: NW6.5SP8/eDir
8.8SP5 VM's running on identical Dell PE1950's attached to a Hitachi SAN
One server hosts the users' home folders, the other holds data shared across
the enterprise.
I have a third data server at a remote campus.

With the server that hosts the user's home folders, I've several accounts
that are not able to connect. The server logs indicate a failed password.
That same user, however, can log in successfully to either the server that
holds shared data or the server at the remote site.
Due to the nature of how Novell implements SSH, once they've logged in,
they're attached to their home folder on the server that will not allow them
direct connection.

Since this issue does not affect all users, I don't understand where the
issue lies.

The sshd_config file on both servers are identical.
Not sure if it's applicable to this issue, but SDIDIAG reports no problems
on either server.

The entries from the respective log files:

Home directory server:
30 Mar - 19:02:36[0080892840] (4983b0e0)SSHD Session 1 <118429> : Failed
password for xxxxx from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx port 1525 ssh2
30 Mar - 19:02:36[0080892840] (4983b0e0)SSHD Session 1 <118429> fatal: Read
from socket failed: Error 0

Shared data server:
30 Mar - 19:03:19[0080892523] (40e601c0)SSHD Shell 109 <109376> :
xxxxx@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:1526 - SFTP connection(109376) accepted.
30 Mar - 19:03:19[0080892522] (40d074e0)SSHD Session 1 <109376> : subsystem
request for sftp
30 Mar - 19:03:18[0080892522] (40d074e0)SSHD Session 1 <109376> : Accepted
password for xxxxx from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx port 1526 ssh2

In the past I've collected iMonitor traces, but could find anything concrete
that points to a system issue.
That said, I can't remember what all I set up in the trace configuration
beyond NMAS and LDAP, so I may have been looking for the wrong thing.

Any ideas of where to look for problems are welcome.