system: 3 node cluster with sles10sp3, sles10sp4 and oes2sp3
One clustered nss volume.
We migrated our files from netware to oes2sp3 with miggui some time ago. Everything worked fine. We did not migrate trustees, because of changed usernames in a new tree.

Windows 7 clients with novell client 2 sp2 and sp1 report that sometimes if they want to copy files to their home-directories (which are on the nss-volume) it says that there is not enought space.

There is definitely enough space on the volume (checking with nsscon /spaceinfo' and df -h) and there is no user or directory quota set. If fact we have never used quotas. Only thing is that we set the Directory Quota property on the volume to "yes" with nssmu when we created the volume, so we have the option to use quotas.

Any ideas?