Hi folks,

Having some fun with doing some testing of Exchange 2010 against a DSfW domain.

Cross forest trust between the DSfW domain and the 2008R2 real AD domain is in place and otherwise working fine.
User accounts in the DsFW domain can successfully access file resources and login to workstations in the real AD domain.

The Novell doc says that Exchange is a supported application for DSfW in a cross forest setup, plus the guys at BrainShare last year said that I shouldn't have problems with this :)

Anyway when I go to create the linked mailbox the EMC throws up this solid looking GO AWAY message:
No suitable domain controller was found in the domain 'oes11.lan'. Errors:

The operating system version of the domain controller 'oes11dsfwadc.oes11.lan' is The minimum version required is 5.2 (3790) Service Pack 1.
The operation system version of the domain controller 'oes11dsfw.oes11.lan' is SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (x86_64)VERSION. The minimum version required is 5.2 (3690) Server Pack 1. It was running the command 'Get-DomainController -GlobalCatalog -Forest 'oes11.lan' -Credential 'System.Management.Automation.PSCredential''.
Has anyone got this working?

As all of this is only a test environment, I haven't registered the OES Servers with NCU and obtained the latest maintenance releases. Is this worth doing? The 2008 servers and Exchange are all up to date.