Hi guys,

i am troubleshooting this problem since release of zcm 11 sp2 and i cant get it fixed by myself.

i want to use the new image engine for my win7 image deployment,
so i followed the documentation on integrating the new tuxera image engine driver in my zcm 11 sp2 environment: Novell Documentation

everything looks good:
- bootcd iso was created
- tntfs.ko + HighPerfDriver.conf (under the tftp root dir) was created
- tftp status under the zcc is available and replicated!
(ZCM is running on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition SP2 (English))

but when i pxeboot one of my machines the tntfs.ko module wont load!
a "modprobe -l | grep tntfs" brings up nothing!

if i boot the same machine with the new created bootcd_tntfs.iso everything is ok "modeprobe -l | grep tntfs" => /lib/modules/

i also set up a complete new and naked zcm server (complete new zone | single server | seperated in a private lan | vmware) to get a complete naked and untouched tftp directory for testing purposes.
and again the same thing happens: if i pxeboot a machine pointing to the new created primary server with the tuxera image engine driver enabled -> no tuxera driver gets loaded up!

did i miss something? or what seems to be the problem?
i uploaded my tftp directory: so maybe someone can help me figuring out why the new engine wont work!

Thx in advance,