On a lot of our Win7SP1x64 machines if I look in Relationships Tab all the
assigned bundles show 'Unknown' for the 'Deployment Status'. I have tried
the 'zac sts rollup' command on the machines that have issues but no change
to the status. Looking in the log file on the machine after the 'zac sts
rollup' there are no errors and it shows the rollup going to the server.
Assigned Polices show 'Success' in the 'Deployment Status' so stuff is
getting back to the server. Bundles come down to the machines and run but
it looks like the reporting back or processing of the bundle status
information on the server is messed up. Saw this also in 11.1 before we
updated to 11.2.

Server - ZCM 11.2 on Win2008R2x64
Client - ZCM 11.2 on Win7SP1x64

Best Regards,
Jim Koerner