We have a BM3.8 SP5 server with several C2S connections and all
works well.

We're trying to add a Verizon Wirelss PC 5740 PCMCIA card to a laptop
to use for remote VPN access. With regular DSL connections we have no
issues connecting to our internal resources.

With the Verizon card in place we can successfully connect to the VPN but
we can't connect to our internal web servers (with http) and our Unix box
(via SSH or telnet ) by using the server internal IP addresses like we can
at all our other sites connected with DSL, T1 or dialup.

With the Verizon card, we can not PING any of our internal servers servers
even though the VPN Client is successfully connected. We are connecting
via NMAS with IKE.

For troubleshooting purposes I connected to our our BM 3.7 server with
"backward compatibility" mode via Skip and then I was able to ping our
internal servers.

Specifically with the Verizon Wireless cards, why can we connect with Skip
but not with IKE ? Could the Verizon software be blocking some ports
required by IKE (i.e. keepalive packets) ??

Any thoughts ?