I am trying to trouble shoot a VPN login issue (BM 3.8.5 running on NW
6.5.6, with the NMAS NLM's rolled back to pre SP 6 version) . I use Craig's
BorderManager book as a guide for setting up the original. I'm not able to
log in. I get an error on the client system stating:

Failed receiving server DH public value. Insufficient access rights.
Please check NMAS Grade configuration in Server Authentication rules.

The audit log shows:

A connection was opened for a VPN client at address 70.x.x.x
Process NMAS request: NMAS authentication successful
Failed to process NMAS end request. Insufficient access rights.
Connection closed for the VPN client at address 70.x.x.x

I tried TID #10090661 with no luck. I'm missing something or have
misconfigured something. Could someone please help me find and fix it?

I'm heading out of town for a few weeks of R and R so I may not get back to
the forum quickly (and with VPN broken I have an excuse :D, an no I didn't
break it on purpose).

Thanks in advance!

Daniel Wells, AIA
MHTN Architects, Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah