Since a few weeks we experience an error on some workstations in our network concerning the NalAgent.exe application.

The following errors pops up (translated from Dutch):

NalAgent.exe - application error:

The instruction on 0x7e399dda points to memory on 0x02048398. The necessary data is not transferred to the memory because of an I/O-errorstatus of 0xc0000be.

Click OK the end the program
Click Cancel to debug the program

We have tried searching the application and system logs on the computers, but we could not find any useable log to diagnose this problem.

Some information regarding our workstations:

- Windows XP SP3
- Novell Application Launcher
- Novell Client 4.91 SP5 for Windows (version

The other thing we have noticed is that on these computers there is a Citrix cliŽnt installed. This is used for some specific applications.

Perhaps anyone knows how to troubleshoot this problem ?