we use NC 2 sp1 ir9 on our windows 7 clients.

after installing the nc in the provider order on (network->network and sharing center -> manage net con. ->advanced settings-> provider order)
Netware Services is listed as the first provider.

Some of our clients (other site) experience a strange problem:
If they directly login after boot, sometimes tree cannot be found. Now they login locally at the workstation and use the red "N" for a novell login - then everything is fine and they get their drives.

3 Questions:

a) Is this a known problem and what is the solution?
b) Does this have something to do with the provider order? We have read many sources on this, some say that microsoft should come first in the list of providers and some say netware services should come first.
c) Although the Directory Agents are manually configures traces show that the client still tries to find the DA over Multicast. How can we turn off multicast search for slp?