I have a user who's mailbox is completely messed up. I have resorted to a backup and to restore their mailbox. The account was recently renamed (both login ID and mailbox ID) to match. An alias was created for the "old name" and Internet addressing preferred email ID was set to the "old mailbox" name.

I have created the restore area, assigned the user access to it and when they click on open "back up" it fails with error code "8219, failed to connect to network resource". I click OK and the path dialog opens, I delete the "\" at the end of the path (..\P_Office\) and click OK and the backup opens. I then proceed to right click an email and try restore, but it fails with error code "8209, the path to the file is invalid or the file does not exist. Specify a valid path and file name". Is the 8209 error because the "live mailbox" server path is too long? or is it because of the "\" on the path of the backup? How can I get the path of the backup to not add the "\" at the end?

I have also tried restoring the whole mailbox from console 1 using the "backup/restore mailbox" option and it seems to complete the task rather quickly. The mailbox is not restored. I can do a "check mailbox size" when logged in as the user, click on received items and I can see all of the emails that were received. I can open them from there, but I do not see them in the "mailbox". So I selected all of the emails I could see and archived them to the local disk, now under archive I can see all those emails. The user also has a cabinet of multiple folders where they had "filed" their old emails.

How can I get this users mailbox back?