Is there any way to change the property of the "Created by" attribute to a file in Vibe? I looked at the Admin Guide, each menu option on the file and I can't seem to find this option.

The reason I ask is when I go to the 'What's New' section, the files have been updated by employees, but the originator of the file shows up. In many instances these users who originally created the files, have quit or been let go. So, it's sort of an eye sore.

For example: Readme.txt was created by John Doe, but he left the company 8 months ago when it was at version 1.2. Jane Smith took over his position. The file is now at version 1.5, with Jane doing all the updates. When I go to the "What's New" section, the Readme.txt file still shows "John Doe" under the name of the file everytime Jane does an update to the file.