Has the behaviour of the agent install changed?

With 11.1a we were able to deploy the zcm agent with asset management only and it would just fire up, register, dynamically add the system tray icon and kick off the inventory first scan - no reboot or hassle for user. (It is deployed this way to provide inventory and CDF functionality to machines with existing ZDM7 agent on, as it leaves the ZDM7 agent on the machine)

With 11.2 the deployment task sits there with the deployed to machines 'awaiting reboot'. The machine itself doesn't register as it seems (from application event log) that the agent shuts itself down following installation....i.e. it now appears to need a reboot, even though asset mgmt only
We might be able to get around this with some sort of 'net start' on the agent as a post deployment windows task....?!?
However, this seems a pretty fundamental change that might massively change our deployment...

Is anyone else seeing changes in the agent deployment?

Is it possible to customise the agent deployment behaviour?