Hello Guy's,

I configured CIFS on a netware server. Universal password is already configured, and i want to connect with an iPad to a CIFS share on this server the following NMAS error occured:

Accessing local replica of CN=Login Policy.CN=Security
16: CanDo
16: No client network address
16: Login Sequence Windows Native File Access not valid.
16: Login Sequence NDS is valid.
16: Login Sequence CertMutual is valid.
16: Login Sequence Challenge Response is valid.
16: ERROR: -1660 Client can not do requested login sequence "Windows Native File Access"
16: ERROR: -1660 CanDo
16: Failed login delay 3 seconds
16: Failed login
16: Client Session Destroy Request
16: ERROR: -1645 Server timed out waiting for data
16: ERROR: -1660 NMAS Manager
16: Server thread exited
16: Pool thread 0x5f45e3c0 work complete

- Checked the CIFS configuration, (rights, root context is configured)
- Server has replica of the root
- I Checked all the Novell TID's
- Checked the SDI security keys on all the Novell servers, and thay are all present and the samen
- Check Universal Password
- Checked login methods (and they are all there, and good configured) (only Windows Native File sequence to Native File access method)
- Reinstalled and reconfigured CIFS, but with no result, above error still occurs.

Anyone an idea for the problem that i cannot connect to the cifs share with an device without novell client?