Now that we're starting to deploy ZCM to satellite offices, I'm wondering if a bundle re-design is in question.

Currently, in our main office, i have a bundle "GroupWise" that has install actions to "Install Network MSI", which points to a local server (not in the repo), followed by a Delete file action (just deletes groupwise.lnk from desktop), then a Launch action that launces grpwise.exe from C:\program files. So now, any time a user launches the icon from their desktop.. it checks if its installed, if it is, it just launches grpwise.

Problem is, if I now assign this bundle to Salt Lake City workstations, they'll install groupwise over the wan. So I either have to create a second groupwise bundle that runs files locally off the SLC server, similar to the set up here. or I can create a whole new bundle , zip up the gw files and upload the zip file to the content repo, which would then push out to the satellite servers, so everyone would get their files from their local server.

I realize that the zip/repo option would make the bundles a little more complicated by having to add unzip/install/delete actions, etc...
but also, would that then cause users in the main office, who already have the latest groupwise installed, to have it re-installed via the new bundle? Trying to think of cleanest way to accomplish this. Thanks for tips!