I have what looks like a communication problem between the OES servers
of a cluster. One volume can not be accessed via NetStorage (sorry for
the German output from Firefox):

Schweregrad: Error
Komponente: XFILE
Meldung: Unsuccessful
Code: 0xC7B90001

No errors are logged in the apache log files. All other volumes can be
accessed. The volume in question is running on an different host than
the one running NetStorage.

Output from a cadaver client:
dav:/oneNet/NetStorage/> cd DriveP@SOFT
Could not access /oneNet/NetStorage/DriveP%40SOFT/ (not WebDAV-enabled?):
Did not find a collection resource.

Accessing the volume with a Novell Client works just fine. I have to
admit that I'm a bit lost here and looking for possible directions for
further investigations.