Hi All,

I have an odd problem. we have configured quite a few Golden master images for W7 form ENGL 7.0 that are deployed by Hardware rules so we can automate the imaging of Classrooms via multicast. After upgrading to SP2, everything works except the target machine never joins a session. just sits there having detected the hardware type, ready to apply the correct image, has a MCAST address- but no session. we have the Tuxera driver integrated and all images have been captured with it in place. we have also tried initrd vanilla and with the ENGL hook.

We have multiple VLAN's around the campus, and everything was working with 11.1a - server based Multicast but no longer since SP2. I am running Layer 3 switches with IGMP and PIM correctly configured. all the IP directed broadcast settings are working fine, WOL works across the multipl VLANs no issue as well.

I know MCAST is working, as I run a machine up on the same VLAN as the server and it connects and gets a session and will receive the image.

Any ideas?