I'm currently using the GW soap webservice in C# to create an HTML email with embedded images.
When I send an email with just an html attachment, the email gets displayed just fine in HTML mode on the GW client(and the html attachment is, as expected hidden.
However, when I try to embed a JPEG image into this email, the image won't get displayed(an image-not-found icon appears) and the (supposed to be hidden)image attachment is shown as it wasn't hidden.

This is the code I'm using at the moment;


AttachmentItemInfo aii = new AttachmentItemInfo();
aii.data = GetHtmlAttachment();
aii.contentType = "text/html";
aii.date = DateTime.Now;
aii.hidden = true;
aii.name = "TEXT.htm";

AttachmentItemInfo aii1 = new AttachmentItemInfo();
aii1.data = GetImageAttachment();
aii1.contentId = "VGAOBTRXLMYV.IMAGE.jpg"; 
aii1.contentType = "image/jpg";
aii1.hidden = true;
aii1.name = "IMAGE.jpg";

GetImageAttachment and GetHtmlAttachment are using File.ReadAllBytes to retrieve the bytes of each file(I have also tried to use FileStream in combination of File.OpenRead)
When I view the source of the email in the GW client, it's using '<IMG src="file://">', which makes me think the attachment itself wasn't properly uploaded or parsed.
However, when I view the attachments and open TEXT.htm, it looks correct; '<IMG src="cid:VGAOBTRXLMYV.IMAGE.jpg">'. As you can see, the CID is equal to the contentID set earlier in the AAI.

When I compare this generated email to an email I created earlierer in groupwise(with the same image and html content) it almost looks identical except for the email header date, message-id and strange enough the charset of my C# generated email.
My generated email is using us-ascii while the email created the GW client uses utf-8.

Am I doing something wrong with attaching the image or HTML ? Is there a way to force UTF-8 encoding on the html attachment ?(I've seen the latest soap WSDL which has a charset variable on AAI but my version does not).
I'm using GroupWise POA 8.0.2.

With kind regards,

Eamon Woortman