I'm trying to modify (increase) the font size of the daily and multi-user
calendar (the separate window that can be opened by using "Window |
Calendar | xxx" or the speed buttons).

According to Novell Support the font is taken from the windows desktop
definition (advanced properties, "Message Box" property).

It works, as long as the calendar window is open already when I change
(increase) the font. But when the window is closed and opened again, the
font is small again.

According to Novell Support this behavior shall be caused by our windows
installation, but I have tested it with two different installation,
having nothing in common and both show the same effect.

We are using German Windows 7 x64 Professional.

Can someone confirm / disprove whether this is a problem of the Groupwise
Client? We have tested the latest client version already (from Novell

Thanks in advance,