Originally we had a first primary called server1.corp.com which was the CA, this is seen in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell\ZCM\CAsubject entry inside each device with an installed agent: O=Internal Certificate Authority, OU=ZENworks, CN=server1.corp.com

This was also reflected on the comand line "zac zc" resulting in:
Processing Command: zc
Zone Configuration Server(s): https://server1.corp.com

Then we created a new primary called server10.corp.com, and moved the CA to that server.
New devices installing the agent were reporting the new server with the "zac zc" command: Zone Configuration Server(s): https://server10.corp.com
Old devices still showed the old server:Zone Configuration Server(s): https://server1.corp.com

Now to fix this an unreg an reg again works just fine, old devices registred again now shows "zac zc": Zone Configuration Server(s): https://server10.corp.com

However for both "old" an "new" devices, the CA Subject entry is stuck at: O=Internal Certificate Authority, OU=ZENworks, CN=server1.corp.com

Now according to TID 7003832 this should be "fixed " doing the unreg and reg again - but it does not, only "zac zc" shows the change.

Now how is this fixed properly OR does it need fixing at all ?