Recently our ZCM system was upgraded from 11.1 to 11.2. Once the first primary server was upgraded, the ZCC showed the Patch Management navigation tab in the top-left box of the ZCC, despite Patch Management being deactivated.

Originally our organization was licensed for Patch Management, but it was deactivated before it was ever configured in the zone. After the initial deactivation the navigation tab was not present until after the 11.2 upgrade (the system was installed under 11.0, subsequently upgraded to 11.1). I considered re-activating it just to deactivate it again and see if this would remove the tab, but our organization no longer is licensed for the Patch Management product. Re-selecting "Deactivate Product" in the licensing configuration and clicking "Apply" does not affect the presence of the tab.

I was curious if anyone else had observed similar behavior post-upgrade, or if anyone knew of a way to remove a misbehaving navigation tab?

Thank you for your time!