rather minor issues, to be honest.

- apparently operator role assignments get duplicated, i.e. there are two identical lines in psminfo.xml for each operator assignment. this by nature causes 614 errors during consolidation. not a big deal as one acl entry per operator should be enough :-), but still results in warnings in the log.

- psminfo.nlm "forgets" to add the printer agent's parent container if the latter has the user role. there is a valid trustee assignment for the parent container on attribute "NDPS User Role" (as it should be, i.e. "read" to "ACL" and "network address" and "add self" to "NDPS User Role"). all other user roles make it successfully to psminfo.xml, it's just the parent container of the agent which gets lost. if duplicating printers to a sibling container this will likely require manual intervention.

i'm working with psminfo.nlm build 1.02.12 with with build date may 19th. 2011 and the ndps backend from iprntnw65sp8d.zip