Hi all,
We are using OES on SLES and LUM for some shares and now we get an error (-780) when LUM-enabling users. I have found this TID 7010267
however I'm not sure what to do... We only have about 1000 users so I cant understand how the problem started.

The command "namuserlist -x o=organization_name| wc -l" shows 1123 users and the uid that imanager claims is the last assigned is not listed with namuserlist.

I hope someone can help me out with my questions:
1. How can this happen in an environment with only 1000 users (uid range = 0-65500)?
2. when using imanager and "Modify Unix Config Object" there is an option for "Reuse User ID" currently this is not checked, is it safe to enable this? and would that fix this problem? if not, why and what can I do to fix the problem?

Please advice.