We have collapsed all of our file shares onto one physical Netware 6.5sp8 server with 2Tb of disk space. Now we need to create a "Standby Server" to keep high availablility or redundancy for this server. I've looked at netware Cluster Services, but that requires that the two servers share a SAN. In our case, they do not. Both servers have 2Tb of local storage.

I looked at Caminosoft Standby Server. This looks like a good option, however I don't know what the price of this software is. I asked them for a sales call, so I should be able to find out soon.

As another option, I'm thinking I could just synchronize all the files & trustees over to the secondary server from the primary server every night (or multiple times throughout the day. The issue here is that when the primary server goes down, it would be a manual proces to enable the secondary server and not all the files would be in sync. To recover from the primary server going down, I would have to change the login script to reference the secondary server for all the clients shared drive mappings, and all the clients would have to reboot or simply log in again. Not a good solution.

Does anyone have any other options that we could consider to create a high availability or redundant share drive Netware 6.5 sp8 server?