Hi there,

I'd like to display entries from multiple folders. Within the "Enhanced view" object I can select "recent entries" or a "list of recent entries", but only from one folder. I'd like to do this from multiple folders. Has anyone an idea how you can achieve this?

One way I was thinking of is to use the accessory "Search results", which lets me select multiple folders and I can then display the 10 most recent entries. This gives me the right information, but I cannot format the layout very much. I'd like use this "Search results" accessory like a landing page element and place it into tables etc.

As a background information, the use case for us is the following:
We have different users creating content in various blog folders across our vibe site. We now want to consolidate those entries on one central landing page and show the most recent entries as one list, besides other elements on a landing page.

Has anyone a brilliant idea on how to do this?

Thanks & best regards,