Hello everyone.

Im looking for some help, aiming to talk or chat to some expert about configuring Gwise 8 & above to run on top of OES 11 with Novell cluster Services.

The current setup is a GroupWise 8 System with 9 POAS, 3 MTAS, 3 WebAccess and 2 GWIAS (1 outbound, 1 inbound). Every component is running on top of Novell Cluster Services... All NW 6.5.

The Object is to upgrade the GroupWise system to Gwise 12 also on Novell Cluster Services everything on OES 11.

The documentation so far states that GroupWise (software) has to be installed completely in every node participating and every resource has to be configured in every node as well (gwha.conf)... the cluster is built by 8 nodes. This means configuring GroupWise by 8 times (each node) by every resource (17 resources) again by each node.

Anyone out there ....?

Best regards.