Hello: Since forever I have used ZENworks to copy down configuration files for openoffice to each workstation on user login. This is done copying two directories on the ZCM server to the local workstation (a shared data folder and a user-specific folder). The bundle is setup to alway copy these files. As I stated above, this has worked well for a long time.

Well, now that I have upgraded to ZCM 11.2, I am having trouble with these types of jobs. We recently moved from OpenOffice to LibreOffice. This should be no big deal as the two programs are nearly identical. I created a new bundle to copy down the directories as I had in the past. However, now the bundle is failing with a message that it can't access one of the directories off of the server. I can access the directory just fine from windows explorer and have triple checked user rights. I can even manually copy the directories in question. This makes zero sense to me.

Another issue I have related to this copy bundle is that I am now getting errors saying that the bundle cannot "create" a file as it is already present. Problem is the bundle is set to always copy, so this error makes no sense too. Should not "copy always" copy whether or not the file is present?

So, if anyone has seen this type of behavior, can you help me out? Thanks, Chris.