After I installed ZCM 11.2 on my new OES11 server novell-nss did not
start during bootup with the configured dependencies. If all is setup
without manual tweaking the ZCM server and all ZCM daemons start before
novell-nss. On my server this had the bad side effect, that the server
hang during the startup of novell-nss (probably during the attempt to
access /dev/ndp via ndpapp) and could only be brought down by powering
it off hard.

After testing various scenarios I put novell-nss into the requirements
of the zcm init scripts in /etc/init.d thus forcing ZCM to start only
after novell-nss is fully loaded. And with this setup the server boots
up successfully and works as expected.

Just FYI in case anybody sees similar problems.

W. Prindl