We have 568 printers on the services of NDPS/iPrint in NetWare 6.5 SP8 with Novell Cluster Services

In the next months the print services will be emigrated to iPrint in OES11

Approximately, 4200 users use the print services.

Many printers have been distributed to the users through the services of NDPS, but a lot of users have installed the printers iPrint access directly to the URL http: //ipaddress/ipp.

Using a LDIF file of the eDirectory is possible to know that user they have installed NDPS printers, but not exist an attribute that associate the iPrint printer (IPP) with the user objet.

We need to know which users have been installed the printers ipp to avoid to go workstation by workstation.

Is this possible?

Any help, suggestion or tip well will be received.