Hello: This post is related to my previous post concerning access rules.

I have created new access rules for email traffic. Here they are:

1. Default Email (novell supplied) - allows all email traffic
2. Deny All Email - prevents access to all email traffic - assigned to our domain.
3. Allow SMTP Email - Allows in/out SMTP traffic - assigned to privileged users.

The above rules should deny access to email except for those employees in the Rule #3. Since the Deny Rule #2 in associated with the domain, any new user will automatically be denied email access until assigned to Rule #3.

The above works great except for one BIG issue. Any nickname email address is denied. So any user in Rule #3 can only send/receive email by using their user name and not by using any nickname. If I replace Rule #2's associations with user associations, then nicknames work again. So it seems that the domain association prevents the use of nicknames.

So my question is simple; Is this a feature for a bug? Thanks, Chris.