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Thread: Virtualized SLES 10 with GW2012 - Changing vCPUs settings?

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    Virtualized SLES 10 with GW2012 - Changing vCPUs settings?

    Can anyone help me answer this question. With Windows VMWare VMs it is simple to increase the number of Virtual Sockets/Virtual cores(CPUs+Cores). You just down the VM, increase the number, start the VM, wait for HAL to detect them, reboot once more and you are good.

    With my SLES 10 and Groupwise 2012 server, I didn't set up my vCPUs the way I thought I did. I'd like to add some cores to the existing two CPUs will this break my SLES 10 GW2012 installation or can SLES 10 handle having CPUs added without a reinstall/kernel recompile, etc.

    Right now I have 2 - Sockets(vCPUs) and 1 - Core per vCPU. I'd like to increase this to 4 cores

    Does anyone know if I later decide I'd like to add Sockets(CPUs) as well if this is possible with SLES 10 without too much nerve wracking kernel compiling?

    This might help:
    I'm running (So I have SMP already in the kernel.)
    We are on ESX 4 but the VM Version is 4 as it was originally created on ESX 3.5.

    Can I just shutdown the OS and make the changes to the VM configuration?

    Thank you for the help,
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