We are planning a new deployment of Zenworks 11 over 6 different geographical sites which are connected using MPLS. I intend to deploy a primary server at the main office (where most users are based) and possibly at the second biggest office (this may be part of a cluster - see my other post - or a separate server). Application deployment worries me less but for imaging I was wondering what peoples views are in terms of how many, if any, satellite servers are required. Obviously the benefit of hosting a server on each LAN segment avoids images being deployed across the WAN/MPLS however this will dramatically increase server hardware costs. My concern is how much bandwidth an application deployment or imaging operation consumes - I want to ensure this type of operation does not impact on the end users (they are using Citrix connections to a cloud over these links, plus printing traffic and potentially VoIP). The size of the links vary from site to site.