when we use DLU without Roaming Profiles there is always a new user hitting the Workstation leading to a newly created Profile.

This is desired if we make use of Folder Redirection, GPOs, scripts, Bundles, and things like UE-V or Immidio Flex Profiles to handle user settings.

Microsoft recommends the CopyProfile-Sysprep Method for the creation of default/mandtory Profiles. Now we can create a small base Profile and deploy either throgh c:\users\default or c:\users\mandatory.v2 to new users. What i Observe is that it costs some time while the user is seeing "welcome".

This experience is different when the user has a "warm" Profile already populated in the HKLM\... Windows NT\ProfileList

The logon happens quite immideatly in that case. (1-3 seconds)

Why does the MS Method and the creation of fresh profiles takes so long? (5-15 seconds that adds to the time for scripts etc.)

What about a Zero.Profile attached to a DLU User Policy? The same Process creating the DLU would inject a "warm" Zero-Profile under C:\users.

could be interesting for VDI also.

best regards
Markus Wehr