I am a new GW Admin (2 yrs). I am also new to the existing organization

I am having a problem understanding the GW design at this organization

It is what I inherited when join the organization as their new GW admin

Here is what is setup

there is a main edirectory tree called MAINCAMPUS. all the edirectory
accounts are there

there is a secondary edirectory tree call GWCAMPUS. in this edirectory
tree are all the GW components; Domains (Primary and Secondary), Post
Offices GWIA Webaccess etc. But NO USERS

All the users are in the edirectory MAINCAMPUS tree. there are no users
objects in the GWCAMPUS tree. So when you wnat to create/modify/delete
users you have to be authenticated into both trees from the consoleone

Does this make sense?

Should there not be an edirectory user object in the GWCAMPUS tree
associated the the groupwise user object?

Where I came from there was 2 seperate edirectories. One for File and
Print and one for GroupWise.

each had it's own edirecotry objects of users

and to keep the IDs and passwords synced they used Novell Identity
Manager to create edirectory and groupwise accounts and synced
everything between the trees

i am very confused

does this make sense to anyone?

should i migrate the gw users from the MAINCAMPUS tree to the GWCAMPUS tree?