Hi there,

I have a question on configuration of the default controls that are available for an entry. In my case, I created a workflow for a custom form. The workflow and form works as expected thus far however, I am having trouble figuring out how to not have the 'Delete' button option available after the form is submitted to the first approval point in the workflow.

The scenario would be:
The user would choose the custom form and fill out the required elements and at this point and the user would have the option to 'Delete' and or purge the entry made. However, once the entry is submitted for review and approval no one should have the option to 'Delete' the entry (traceability and audit purposes).

During the initial testing of the workflow, the 'Delete' button is not available to the person that did not create the entry (which makes sense) however, the creator (even though he/she is the creator/owner of the entry) should not have 'Delete' capability after submitting the entry for review / approval like mentioned before.

Is there a way to configure /suppress the Delete button?

Any help would be appreciated greatly.