We currently have Netware 6.5 servers with SAN attached NSS data volumes.

We are in the process of moving those Netware 6.5 servers to VMWare Virtual Servers.

These are high capacity data volumes so once the Physical server has been migrated to a Virtual Server, we just use RDM (Raw Device Mapping) back to the data volumes residing on our SAN. No issues thus far.

We can mount these NSS data volumes via RDM from a virtual Netware 6.5 or OES2 SP3 server without any issue.

We would like to move toward OES11, however, any of these SAN attached NSS volumes that have multiple LUN segements and originated from Netware 5.1 servers, cause a 'Segmentation Fault' error when trying to mount/manage them from an OES11 Server. If the volume is a single LUN which originated from a Netware 5.1 server, OES11 mounts the volume without issue.

Is there something unique or specific that we need to do so that OES11 can reconstruct an NSS Pool / Volume that originated from a Netware 5.1 server volume comprised of 2 individual LUN's?

Thanks in advance, Dave.