I have updated our ZCM 11 server to 11.2 so we can easily manage the Apple laptops and PC laptops within our school environment. Our ZEN 11.2 server is fully patched and running on SLES 10.3 fully patched server. The issue I am having with imaging is that ZEN11 server does not seem to be communicating with the workstations. I setup a workstation task of "Take an Image" from within the "Devices> Workstations" section. I completed each step of the setup mapping it to the correct server and image sub-directory. Then I used the image name of MBlion.zmg to identify the image file. Unfortunately, after setting up the task, I rebooted the Mac Book laptop (OS 10.7.3) but the laptop does not find/process the task assigned.

Can anyone point me in the correct direction for creating an image of our Mac Books using this process? Thanks in advance for any advice/support!