Hi folks

Does this meen anything;

I've created an Add-on image file for this bundle: "Test of Imaging Force Run Bundles"
The file name, in ZCC, are "Test of Imaging Force Run Bundles-b1efe1cb74c35452157bf7ce3dbcb1e4-0003.zmg"
And the icons infront of it is green.

But then I've tried to put it onto a device and it says the file does not exists. I then checked on my PXE server and yes it does not, instead there's a file named "Test of Imaging Force Run Bundles-b1efe1cb74c35452157bf7ce3dbcb1e4-0004.zmg".

So what I want to know is whether I should just change the name of the file under imaging or if there has been a genuine error at the creation of the add-on image?

One more thing, just o get it clarified; when I apply this add-on image bundle to a device, would that not be the same as distributing (not installing) it to the device?

Thanks all.