I've set up a system to do some testing. I have a GW8 Domain with a single PO and a GWIA. I also have a GW7 domain with a PO, GWIA, and the API gateway.

My issue is I have the GWIA(s) set to db version 4.x to use the API Gateway. However when I send external messages I get the following format user.PO.Domain@server.internet.com. With the server after the right of the @ these will all get an NDR from external systems. When the GWIA db version is set to 5 or better i get the format i would expect user@domain.com. However with 5 or better I can't use the API gateway for what i'm trying to use it for.

Is there any way to change the format of the internet address to at least remove the server component after the @ with the db version at 4.x?