We have recently upgraded our 3 iPrint servers to OES2SP3. After this, we were having issues seeing uploaded Windows 7 drivers - specifically the Ricoh and Lanier drivers. I found TID 7009678 and followed these instructions. This seemed to work and we could now see everything. I had to reboot the server yesterday due to a memory problem, and all of a sudden the same thing started happening with the drivers. I again followed the TID. I'm not sure if something is corrupt in the driver store, but a whole bunch of drivers were deleted for every OS - Mac, Windows XP and Windows 7. We went from about 50 XP drivers to 1. I am now in the process of a restore of the directories under /var/opt/novell/iprint/resdir/. Does anyone have any ideas of what is happneing or had this happen to them? Our iprint servers have been very stable before the OES2SP3 upgrade.