Ok, trying to get dhcp set up @ remote sites.

I have the oes server built, launch miggui & migrate the dhcp data from
the existing server to the oes one.

Data migrates fine, I get everything setup in the dhcp console the way
I want it & the service will start & stop fine via rcnovell-dhcpd

Go to check & make sure dhcp will launch on server bootup, I do NOT see
an entry for rcnovell-dhcp anywhere.

After looking around in YaST, now I cannot get the service to start, I
get an error:

Error: Cannot login to ldap server <server_ip>:636: Invalid credentials.

What am I doing wrong? I've already completely killed one server
trying to reconfigure dhcp via the OES config & ended up destroying
edir on it & I'm rebuilding it now.