This patch is confusing me.
The documentation says to run ZMAN SUPF, and it replies just as expected with "...30723 has been initiated...".
But then things gets blurry. All servers show replication status of 100% but the documentation says "it might start at 100% and go 99% and move to 100%".
Well, that's not very helpful, and won't tell me if the patch is out. Also the TID says "there is no on-screen indication".

According the the loader-messages.log, it should say "...30723 has been patched." - byt it never does (maybe in debug mode?)
After letting it run over night, nothing happened.

Later in the documentation it says "once replication is completed"... and I have no idea if it has completed, so I check loader-messages.log.
It says both "Scheduling deployment package rebuild" AND "ExtractContent action successful" without me even running "ZMAN SURP "Update for ZENworks (11 SP2)"".

Where do I stand on this? How can I check the deployment packages have been rebuild? Should I run ZMAN SURP? How can I check a new agent has the new patch?
Will I have problems upgrading 11.1 clients if I don't have this patch in place?

Also the patch contains "novell-zenworks-actionhandlers-", but my "/opt/novell/zenworks/install/downloads/msi" contains "novell-zenworks-actionhandlers-".
The "content-repo/system-update/xxx/msi" contains the 16828 file, so this has been patched successfully... I think...

What is patched here?

I'm confused....

NB: Brand new 11.1 system upgraded to 11.2.