Hi all,

With the risk of making a fool of myself, I'm curious about your opinion on how the server installation media (SLES, OES) should be handled.

Most of our servers are now virtualized (in VMware vSphere) and apart from the online repositorys we don't use any other installation source than the server's virtual cd/dvd, which we mount from VMware vCenter whenever needed. The iso:s are either placed on the vCenter server or on our SAN.

I know we "should" have a share somewhere on the network with all the iso:s, but we don't have that many servers, so we don't feel the need for it. We used to have a ZENworks Linux Management server, but we removed it since we felt it was easier to handle the servers directly, and this has worked well. This, however, seemed to annoy our consultants, who told me that whenever we do an online update of the servers, the install media MUST be available on the server, otherwise something could go wrong.

Apart from the media being available at all times when using a share, I don't see any real difference from using a VMware-mounted iso.

So, what's your opinion on this? Any recommendations, or best practises are welcome.

Thanks in advance!