1) An External user sends email to another external user (JSMITH), and to one of my users internally.

2) The external user (JSMITH) gets his email, no problems there. My internal user gets his OK too.

3) But, it's also sending the email to another of my internal users (he's called JSMITH to). He shouldn't be getting it.

Internally, this is how things are defined in my System Address Book;

- I have an external domain that lists all the external addresses we can send to.
- One of them happens to be #2 above, JSMITH, and he's defined as JSMITH.xxx.gc.ca.
- Of course I have the internal GroupWise user JSMITH.postoffice.domain ... whom should not be getting this email.

Looks like some sort of address resolution issue.

Let me know if more info is required to understand this scenario.