I have created a bundle that will launch an executable that will update Java Runtime. The category is Install File(s).
Action/Install option is Install File(s) which points to the executable.
Action/Launch option is Launch Executable
I have the assignment as Device.
Distribution schedule is Recurring /When a device is refreshed
Launch Schedule is Recurring/When a device is refreshed
Availability Schedule is Recurring/ Days of the week - Sun - Sat
Start Time - 0:00
End Time - 23:59
When the device is logged into, I can go to Properties of the Zenworks Adaptive Agent and under Bundles, my bundle is there, Version is correct and Status is Downloaded

But bundle never installs on its own. If I refresh the agent manually by right clicking and choosing Refresh, the bundle kicks off and the installs does its thing.
Does anyone have any suggestions for me or see what I am doing wrong? I am on a deadline here. Java has to be updated by next Wednesday for a new piece of software going live.