Dear Users,

how can i transfer a volume on one disk to another on SLES 10 OES2? I want to remove /dev/evms/DATEN (as its on a single disk) and put /dev/evms/DATEN-Neu in place (it's the new raid5)

Is it sufficient to copy the files from DAT to DAT2 and rename the volume afterwards to DAT?

/dev/evms/DATEN on /opt/novell/nss/mnt/.pools/DATEN type nsspool (rw,name=DATEN)
admin on /_admin type nssadmin (rw)
DAT on /media/nss/DAT type nssvol (rw,name=DAT)
/dev/evms/DATEN-Neu on /nsspool type nsspool (rw,name=DATEN2)
DAT2 on /media/nss/DAT2 type nssvol (rw,name=DAT2)

DAT2 is my created new volume and is empty right now.

thank you in advance