Hi all,

I must be missing something here. Before I begin, I'd like to add that I am sure I have had this config working on this system in the past.


-Two OES11 DNS servers.
- The two OES11 DNS servers are hosting an ourorg.qld.edu.au domain. They are both primary. One is marked as designated primary, the other passive primary.
- The two OES11 DNS servers have two forwarders set to our service providers DNS servers. I don't think these these servers could even contact the root DNS servers as our site is heavily firewalled in. We operate is part of a manged WAN.
- The two OES11 DNS servers have a forward zone called OES11.lan . This is for a test DSfW setup. See one of my other threads re: that. One designated forwarder, the other passive.
- The two OES11 DNS servers have a forward zone called ad.ourorg.qld.edu.au . This is for a real AD environment.

Clients of either of the two OES11 servers (and also themselves), correctly resolve hosts in the ourorg.qld.edu.au domain. They also resolve records in the oes11.lan domain. However, nothing is resolved for the ad.ourorg.qld.edu.au domain.

If I set clients to use the DNS servers that actually host and are authoritative for the ad.ourorg.qld.edu.au domain, everything resolves fine.

The DNS servers for ad.ourorg.qld.edu.au also have conditional forwarders set for ourorg.qld.edu.au, and hosts in that domain resolve fine.

So I am perplexed as to why the forwarders are working for OES11.lan and not ad.ourorg.qld.edu.au ? (and ourour.qld.edu.au works coming back the other way when clients use dns servers in ad.ourorg.qld.edu.au). Is it somehow because that zone is sharing the namespace of ourorg.qld.edu.au? Does special consideration need to be taken here?

Have examined the OES named log and conf files.

named.conf lists the ad.ourorg zone in the same was as the oes11.lan zone.
named.run shows lines like this: ........... of type 4 with return code 0. (for both forward zones: oes11.lan and ad.ourorg.qld.edu.au)

The error that clients of the OES11 DNS servers receive when trying to resolve hosts and the ad.ourorg.qld.edu.au domain is NX non-existent domain.

Where to start on this one?